September 1, 2023

Cannabis Insurance Revolution

Frontier Risk Tackles Cannabis Risk

Digital broker Frontier Risk, specializing in the cannabis sector, has successfully secured $3 million in seed funding through a round led by a well-known investment company. Bringing together venture investors

Fintech Revolution Vision

Tom Greenwood’s Pioneering Fintech Vision

The world of fintech is rapidly evolving. For a business to succeed in this competitive industry, innovation and adaptability are crucial. Volt’s founder and CEO, Tom Greenwood, is a shining

Laptop Protection Choices

Top Laptop Protection Choices for 2023

Laptops play a critical role in our daily lives, serving as valuable tools for work, education, and entertainment. Considering the investments we make in purchasing these devices, it’s important to

Code Llama AI

Unleash the Power of Code Llama: AI for Developers

Meta Platforms, previously known as Facebook, has recently made headlines with the introduction of Code Llama, a revolutionary AI-powered large language model (LLM) chatbot designed specifically for software developers. By

Malware Triumph

Qakbot Finally Ended

Recently, federal authorities reported the disruption of the Qakbot malware infrastructure, which has significantly affected businesses worldwide, including a Southern California food distribution firm. The Qakbot malware network has wreaked

Charging Practices

Tired of Your Laptop Dying Quickly?

The versatility and portability of laptops and MacBooks have rendered them indispensable tools for numerous individuals, enabling them to work, browse the internet, and view videos while on the move.

AI Job Market

Want To Land An AI Job?

Tech professionals who were once concerned about being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) are now eagerly vying for roles in the field. Following more than 120,000 job cuts earlier in

Scientists Fight Superbugs

Inside Scoop: Scientists Battle Against Superbugs

The public health crisis posed by drug-resistant bacteria has prompted scientists to develop an innovative solution that could potentially save countless lives. These researchers have discovered a new class of