September 7, 2023

Apple Workshop

Improve Your App: Apple’s Optimization Workshop

Recently, Apple has announced an app optimization workshop at their Developer Center in Cupertino, California, which is scheduled for September 27, 2023. The event aims to educate developers on enhancing

Coding Prodigy

6 Year Old Shatters Coding World Record

Simar Khurana, a six-year-old from Ontario, Canada, has recently earned a Guinness World Record as the youngest video game developer in the world. With a remarkable passion for mathematics and

Bay Area Cuts

Bay Area Job Loss Surge: Economy in Jeopardy

The Bay Area is set to experience a surge of job losses as numerous firms across diverse sectors, such as technology and biotechnology companies, plan to axe over 900 positions.

Wealth Growth Revolution

This AI Make You Rich

Japanese tech giant NEC has entered the world of financial advisory by acquiring a fintech firm. The move is aimed at developing a platform that will enable employees to grow

Finance Revolution

How Modern Tech Is Influencing the Finance Industry

The financial sector is experiencing rapid digital advancements, significantly changing its market dynamics, altering consumer purchasing power, and interrupting portions of the customer value chain once monopolized by conventional banks.

Ergonomic Carrying

How To Properly Carry Your Laptop

Improper laptop carrying may lead to undesired body discomfort and pain. Despite being thin and light, laptops can still cause muscle strain and postural problems if not carried properly. To

LG Gram Savings

Score Big Savings on Premium LG Gram

Customers seeking a new laptop can now capitalize on a significant discount for a 2021 LG Gram Laptop, which is presently priced at $800, a remarkable $499 below its standard

ChatGPT Productivity

How To Use ChatGPT To Improve Your Business

The AI-powered tool, ChatGPT, has garnered interest from both developers and businesses owing to its remarkable capacity to produce intelligent, human-like responses within moments. This has improved productivity and significantly