September 14, 2023

AI Driver

AI Drifting Dominates Virtual Racing

Recently, the world’s leading Gran Turismo 7 gamers found themselves outperformed by Sony’s AI driver, GT Sophy. The AI has now added drifting to its set of abilities, making it


TCS Enters US Market

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is making strides in the global telecommunication landscape by introducing its Indian-made 5G radio equipment to the United States. By participating in the US government-led Rip

Huawei Challenges iPhone

Huawei Mate 60 Pro Challenges iPhone 15

On September 12, 2023, top investment firm J.P. Morgan unveiled a report speculating that the introduction of Huawei’s newest smartphone, the Mate 60 Pro, may adversely affect sales of Apple’s

Mysteries 5G Unraveling

Unraveling the Mysteries of 5G Connections

As 5G technology emerges, smartphone users need to be aware that not all 5G connections offer the same performance, leading to varying speeds and coverage depending on the connection. To

AI Unmasking

GPTZero: Unmasking AI Text

The quest to identify AI-created content has accelerated with the introduction of the GPTZero, developed by Princeton computer science major, Edward Tian. As AI-produced content gains traction in various fields,

Blunder Halt

AI-Generated Lies

Gannett, a major newspaper conglomerate, has elected to suspend the employment of an AI tool that generated high school sports articles after several significant errors were discovered in the published

DevOps Revolution

Revolutionizing DevOps with Streamlined Portals

Developer portal start-up Ltd., also known as Port, has successfully raised $18 million in a Series A funding round, increasing its total funding to $23 million. Team8 spearheaded the

Bold Request

Clean Energy’s Bold Request: High Electricity Charges

Clean energy firms have approached regulators with requests to allow higher electricity charges than previously agreed upon. The decision could significantly impact both the political and economic aspects of state-level

Unleashed Future-Proof

Future-Proof Software Development

As we embrace the era of artificial intelligence (AI), software development organizations must continually explore methods to increase developer speed and enhance release frequencies. Dori Exterman, Incredibuild’s chief evangelist, stresses