October 13, 2023

Employee Unsatisfaction

Discontent Surges Among Tech Employees

Tech CEOs in the Bay Area are increasingly facing disapproval from their staff members due to massive job cuts, contentious return-to-workplace requirements, and a range of debatable managerial choices. A

AI Chip Revitalization

TSMC’s AI Chip Market Revitalization

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) reported an 11% decrease in third-quarter revenue compared to the previous year. However, the company remains hopeful as the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) chips

Developer Productivity Unraveling

Unraveling the Developer Productivity Conundrum

As the tech industry continues to grow and evolve, the question of how to effectively measure developer productivity remains a hotly debated topic amongst professionals. A multitude of factors contribute

Flexport Layoffs

Flexport Layoffs Amid Tumultuous Times

Flexport, a freight technology firm based in San Francisco, is allegedly planning to lay off roughly 30% of its remaining employees, according to an informed source. This decision follows a

Stock Opportunities

Exploring High-Potential Fintech Stock Opportunities

The fintech industry is steadily growing, merging traditional and cutting-edge financial approaches to increase market share and invite new investment opportunities. Overcoming various economic challenges, the global economy has proven

Prime Deals

More Sensational Prime Day Deals!

As we reach the midpoint of Prime Day in October, a host of exclusive deals for Prime members on a vast array of items remains. To assist buyers in capitalizing

Hackers Raid

China-Backed Hackers Raid East Asian Semiconductor Firms

Dutch cybersecurity company EclecticIQ has unveiled groundbreaking research on October 6th, 2023, implicating hackers supported by the Chinese government in a new espionage campaign. This campaign, spearheaded by the Budworm

New York Battery Production

NY Southern Tier: Green Battery Production

The Southern Tier region of New York is on the verge of becoming a worldwide frontrunner in lithium-ion battery manufacturing. This is due in part to the local firm iM3NY

5G Spectrum Showdown

FCC Spectrum Screen Showdown

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently started a new investigation into its spectrum screen, potentially resulting in limitations on how much spectrum is allocated to 5G network operators. Major telecom