October 16, 2023

5G RAN Innovations

Intel’s 5G AI-driven RAN Innovations

As a key player in the 5G and AI landscape, Intel is striving to harness the potential of artificial intelligence to boost progress in the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN).

Microsoft Tech

Unlock Microsoft Office Power on Chromebooks

Chromebooks operate on Chrome OS, which is primarily designed for Google’s cloud applications. Despite this, it is still possible to use Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools on these devices. However,

Semiconductor Revolution

Kaynes and Telangana Unite to Build Semiconductors

Kaynes Technology India Ltd recently unveiled its plan to construct a ₹2,800-crore ($374m) semiconductor facility in Kongara Kalan after signing a contract with the Telangana government. The new facility will

Rural Energy Revolution

Rural Energy: Clean Power Solutions Soar

The $9.7 Billion Rural Community Clean Energy Program initiated by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has received a total of 157 expressions of interest, signifying strong demand for clean

Safety and Protection

Fortifying Cybersecurity in Our Digital Era

As the world becomes increasingly digital, organizations must confront numerous web security threats. Timely identification and neutralization of both direct and indirect attacks are necessary to overcome these challenges. To

Edgio Solution

Edgio: Award-Winning Cybersecurity Solution

Edgio, Inc., a leading innovator in web application and API protection, has announced that its Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solution has been named the “Overall Web Security Solution

East Bank

Thrilling East Bank Development

State and Metro Nashville officials are grappling with the pressure to develop the East Bank area quickly in order to offset borrowing expenses tied to the new Tennessee Titans stadium.