October 17, 2023

Techopedia Block

Access Dilemma: Techopedia’s Security Roadblock

Recently, a number of users have reported difficulty accessing the well-known technology website, due to a security measure implemented by the site. In response to this issue, has

Qualcomm Restructuring

Massive Qualcomm Layoffs Amid Restructuring

California-based technology leader Qualcomm has recently announced its plans to lay off 1,258 employees throughout the state, including almost 200 in the Bay Area. The layoffs, set to commence on

Ukraine War

China Counters Drone Warfare with Air Defense Drills

The recent Chinese military air defense exercise on October 15, 2023, showcased the country’s growing concern about the rising presence of drone warfare and its potential impact on military capabilities.

Microsoft Copilot Revolution

New Microsoft 365 Copilot Features

Microsoft has announced the availability of its latest Microsoft 365 Copilot features from November 1st, aimed at providing productivity enhancements and enabling seamless collaboration for Microsoft 365 users. However, this

Access Denial

Surprising Access Denial Ignites Online Debate

In a surprising turn of events, users attempting to extract data from a well-known website encountered a ‘denied access’ alert, causing bewilderment and annoyance among those who need the information

Tech Integration

Fusion Energy Meets 3D Printing

At a reputable research center, PhD candidate Alexander O’Brien delves into the enthralling realm of 3D printing and fusion energy. In doing so, he explores the potential of integrating 3D-printed