October 25, 2023

Halloween Parties

AI Thwarts Halloween Party Bookings

First Reported on: Airbnb’s AI-driven approach for Halloween With Halloween approaching, Airbnb plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to prevent party bookings on its platform. The

5G B2B Transformation

5G B2B Networks: Transforming Industries

First Reported on: Emphasis on 5G B2B Networks Potential On the second day of Network X, Orange focused on the prospects of 5G B2B networks during a keynote session

Black Friday Deals

Early Black Friday Tech Extravaganza

First Reported on: As we bid farewell to October, early Black Friday bargains are already making an appearance, providing amazing price cuts before November arrives. With many retailers eager

Stellar Repair for MS SQL

Stellar Repair for MS SQL: A Comprehensive Review

Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a data recovery tool for corrupted SQL database objects, such as tables, keys, indexes, views, triggers, stored procedures, rules, and user-defined functions. It can

Florida Repurposed Drones

Florida Aids Israel with Repurposed Drones

First Reported on: Florida has revealed its intention to provide assistance to Israel, including offering drones that were previously used by local law enforcement. The Florida Department of Law

Amazon Drones

Revolutionizing E-commerce with Amazon Drones

First Reported on: Amazon aims to deploy delivery drones in the UK by the end of 2024, a decade after the project’s inception by its founder, Jeff Bezos. Although

Thrilling Career Triumphs

MIT Grads’ Unconventional Career Changes

Career transitions can be intimidating for high achievers, but several MIT graduates have completely reconsidered their professional lives and discovered success in different industries. These individuals sought opportunities that not

Hidden Costs Exposed

Hidden EV Costs: Taxpayers’ Burden Exposed

First Reported on: A recent analysis by the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) has explored the actual expenses associated with electric vehicles (EVs) and the consequences of government directives