November 9, 2023

Trilateral Drone Combat

Trilateral Drone Combat Collaboration

First Reported on: US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida have declared their interest in investigating trilateral collaboration on Unmanned Aerial

Rivian Production

Rivian’s EV Production Green Milestones

Rivian, an electric vehicle (EV) producer, has successfully activated a 2.8 MW wind turbine at its Normal, Illinois facility. The turbine, first revealed in June 2022 and constructed starting in

Nitro Revolution

Unleashing Intel Core i7-14700HX: Acer Nitro 17

A recent revelation of a Geekbench 6 benchmark offers a glimpse into the upcoming Intel Core i7-14700HX processor, anticipated to be included in Acer’s Nitro 17 laptop series. Both the

Solar Radiation Management

Unlocking Solar Radiation Management Secrets

As the international community strives to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, the spotlight has shifted to the capabilities of atmospheric geoengineering in mitigating climate change. Solar radiation management (SRM) in

5G Robots

5G River-Cleaning Robots Unleashed in Singapore

Singapore is entering a new phase of waterway upkeep with the deployment of 5G-enabled river-cleaning robots developed by Weston Robot, resulting in an 80% reduction in carbon emissions. These autonomous

Revolutionary Headteacher

Revolutionary AI Headteacher Transforms Education

A distinguished boarding school has embraced a forward-thinking approach by appointing an AI bot, known as “ABI”, as its principal headteacher. The school hopes to decrease the amount of time

Ecommerce Adoption

Consumers Are Embracing E-Commerce Boom

In recent times, the preference for online shopping has grown significantly as customers enjoy the ease of browsing and buying products from their own homes. Technological advancements and the expansion