November 15, 2023

Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop Unleashes Unrivaled Productivity Boost

Microsoft Loop Expands Accessibility to Enhance Productivity Microsoft Loop, the renowned technology company’s adaptable collaboration platform, is extending its accessibility for commercial clients on both web and mobile platforms. Effective

Amazon Tech

Black Friday 2023: Top Amazon Tech Deals

As we approach Black Friday 2023, eager shoppers are on the lookout for the most attractive tech bargains on Amazon. In 2022, online Black Friday sales in the U.S. witnessed


Hidden eIDAS 2.0 Threatens Online Privacy

The European Union is on the brink of approving a comprehensive new regulation known as eIDAS 2.0, which includes a hidden section that might jeopardize users’ online privacy. This particular

APEC Summit

Thrilling APEC Summit 2023 Showdown

APEC Summit 2023 On November 15, 2023, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s arrival at San Francisco International Airport for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit signaled that a broad array of

Explosive Warfare Drones

Explosive Drones Redefine Modern Warfare

Nearly two years into the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, explosive-carrying military drones have become a regular feature on the battlefield, according to Samuel Bendett, a senior non-resident associate

Copilot Revolution

Revolutionizing Productivity with Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot: A Productivity Game-Changer On November 15, 2023, Microsoft Ignite introduced Microsoft Copilot, a cutting-edge solution designed to boost productivity across multiple platforms in both professional and personal settings.

Russian Drone

Russian Kamikaze Drone Facility Raises Alarm

Advancements in Russian Facility for Iranian Kamikaze Drone Production A recent research report reveals that current satellite imagery displays significant progress in the development of a Russian facility dedicated to