December 15, 2023

Apple Augmented Interface

Apple Interface Updates Nudge Towards Augmented Reality

Significant interface alterations This year, both the iPhone and Apple Watch have undergone significant interface alterations, prompting some to wonder if these software modifications are designed to transition our thinking

Samsung Foldable Apple

Samsung Restructures for Foldable Apple Products

Samsung Display, a prominent provider for Apple, is currently undergoing a restructuring to enhance its capacity to meet the increasing demand for foldable iPhones and iPads. As the current market

China Nuclear Reactor

China Unveils First Fourth-Generation Nuclear Reactor

The unveiling of the first-ever fourth-generation nuclear reactor at China’s Shidaowan nuclear power plant signifies a major progression within the industry. This innovative technology is anticipated to deliver safer, more

Criticized Awards

Game Awards Criticized for Overshadowing Achievements

Game creators have voiced their dissatisfaction over their achievements not being sufficiently highlighted at this year’s Game Awards. They contend that the well-liked awards ceremony, which has received 6.5 million

using subtitles

How Using Subtitles Enhances Your Videos

Were you ever caught in a busy place with no headphones around? Have you ever wanted to watch a tutorial without bothering people near you? And there are so many

Solar Vehicles

Solar Electric Vehicles Drive Sustainability

The pursuit of sustainable transportation is intensifying, with solar electric vehicles (EVs) at the forefront of innovation. Researchers and engineers are diligently crafting new technologies to enhance the effectiveness and