January 3, 2024

Developer Culture

Strong Developer Culture Boosts Startup Success

Creating a robust developer culture in startups Establishing a strong developer culture in a startup is an ongoing effort, particularly in tech startups where engineers play a crucial role in

GenAI Productivity

GenAI Affects Developer Productivity in 2024

Throughout 2023, there was a significant emphasis on boosting developer productivity, driven by the increasing intricacy of technological tools and the competition among businesses to create software solutions quickly. As

Productivity Boost Bots

AI Chatbots Boost Workplace Productivity

In recent years, AI chatbots have become increasingly prevalent in the workplace, especially among software developers. Eknoor Kaur, a software engineer at Pathlight, relies on ChatGPT daily to address programming-related

Tech Deals

Best Buy Canada Boxing Day: Top Tech Deals

Best Buy Canada’s eagerly awaited Boxing Day sale is here, featuring a wide range of popular products, including laptops, smart home tech, and kitchen appliances. Now is the perfect chance

Relationships Tech Impact

Technology’s Impact on Personal Relationships

As we witness rapid technological advancements, our reliance on devices like smartphones, computers, and social media platforms has increased significantly. While these innovations have undoubtedly enhanced our daily lives’ quality

Displaced Employees

AI Technology Displaces Thousands of Employees

AI-induced job redundancy Recently, a parent company terminated over 1,000 employees due to progress in artificial intelligence (AI), raising questions about job redundancy. The dismissals occurred throughout several months, resulting

Renewable Energy Law

Lebanon Approves Decentralized Renewable Energy Law

The Lebanese Parliament has recently given the green light to the Decentralized Renewable Energy Law (DRE), permitting private sector organizations to engage in peer-to-peer renewable energy transactions and officially integrating

Renewable Energy Milestone

Portugal Surpasses 60% Renewable Energy Milestone

Landmark achievement in green energy production In 2023, Portugal reached an important landmark in green energy production as renewable sources supplied 61% of the country’s electricity requirements, reports grid operator