January 16, 2024

Battery Breakthrough

AI-Assisted Breakthrough in Battery Technology

A collaborative team of researchers from Microsoft and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has achieved a breakthrough in battery technology, employing artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputing to identify a

Electric Pole Journey

Electric SUV Completes Epic Pole-to-Pole Journey

Scottish explorers Chris and Julie Ramsey embarked on a unique journey in their electric SUV to demonstrate the dependability and resilience of electric vehicles (EVs). They started their ambitious trip

Gamification Banking

Gamification Enhances Banking, Fintech Engagement

To enhance user experience and boost engagement, banks and fintech firms are increasingly adopting gamification techniques, taking cues from the iGaming sector. These institutions often integrate lotteries, prize draws, and

Linux Performance Boost

Linux 6.8 Update Boosts Laptop Performance

The latest update to Linux 6.8 has greatly enhanced support for both AMD and Intel laptops and platforms. This enhancement not only improves overall performance but also optimizes energy efficiency

Laptop Savings

Incredible Laptop Savings: Up to $600 Off

If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, this week presents incredible deals with savings of up to $600 on well-known models. Among the best options are the 13-inch MacBook

Portal Valve Removal

Valve Requests Removal of Fan-Made Portal Game

In a recent development, the fan-created Nintendo 64 edition of the well-known game Portal, by James Lambert, has been removed at the insistence of Valve Corporation. Valve, the original developer

Aria Geoengineering

UK’s Aria Initiative Sparks Geoengineering Debate

The United Kingdom government’s recent £800 million investment in the Advanced Research and Invention Agency’s (Aria) plan to fund research on climate and weather control has sparked debates among critics