February 1, 2024

"Job Cuts Surge"

Silicon Valley Job Cuts Surge in Early 2024

Jobs in the tech sector have experienced shocking cuts recently, with an unsettling 25,000 lost jobs in Silicon Valley in the first few weeks of 2024 alone. Analysts are blaming

"Storywizard Victory" Wins Big at Global Edtech Awards

In a thrilling wave of celebration, the renown AI language firm “” marked a significant victory at the esteemed Global Edtech Startup Awards (GESA) last Thursday. Recognized as the world’s

"Sustainable Geoengineering"

Geoengineering: Sustainable Solution or Risky Gamble?

The intensifying effects of the worldwide climate crisis have led to suggestions of geoengineering as a potential solution. Geoengineering refers to substantial manipulations of Earth’s climate patterns, often aiming to

AI in Journalism

How is AI Reshaping Journalism and Creative Technology

The development of numerous industries is significantly changing due to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in news organizations and creative technology. The introduction of AI as a key