March 21, 2024

Bitcoin Plummets

Bitcoin plummets Below $61,000: Will it stop?

Yesterday, Bitcoin’s value dropped, sinking below the $61,000 mark. This is quite a slide from the near-record high of $73,800 seen just last week. The abrupt decline in Bitcoin’s value

"Historic High"

USD/JPY achieves historic high to 151.30

In a noteworthy event, the USD/JPY pair achieved a historic high of 151.30 on 20 March 2024, sending ripples through the foreign exchange market. At this time, the EUR/JPY also

"Valuation Plunge"

Bolt’s fintech valuation plunges: What we know

Ryan Breslow, Bolt’s founder, is witnessing a significant dip in his wealth due to a decrease in the fintech company’s valuation, spurred by multiple lawsuits and financial disputes. The continuous