April 30, 2024

Business Empowerment

Boost your business empowers small enterprises

Lori Bergamotto leads the “Boost Your Business” series to mark National Small Business Week. Working with select partners, she boosts small businesses. She tailors strategies for them. Her goal? To

"Cart Cafes Journey"

From cart to cafes: Nitro Bar’s inspiring journey

2016 Audrey Finocchiaro and Sam Lancaster bravely launched their brainchild, The Nitro Bar, using only a homemade cart. Serving quality coffee daily, they nevertheless made less than $100 daily. However,

"Yen Surge"

Sudden yen surge confounds financial experts

The Japanese yen is currently the third-most traded currency in the foreign exchange market, after the United States dollar and the euro. It recently surged against the U.S. dollar, shocking