May 13, 2024

Apple OpenAI Deal

Apple edges near OpenAI deal for iOS 18 update

Apple Inc. is nearing the completion of a deal with OpenAI to integrate OpenAI’s ‘ChatGPT’ into the iOS 18 overhaul. This move aligns with Apple’s commitment to improving user experience

Small Business Strategies with Venmo

Small businesses must adapt to new ways of doing business. It’s not about waiting for customers anymore; it’s about reaching them where they are — at home. How can this

"XRP Struggles"

XRP struggles at $0.50 amid market uncertainty

Altcoin XRP has displayed a substantial downward trend lately, struggling to maintain a price above $0.50. This negative drift has raised doubts among its investors, who originally banked on XRP

Government Grants

Analyst outlines key government grants for businesses

On May 9, 2024, noted financial analyst Isobel O’Sullivan analysed seven government grants that could potentially add significant financial value to qualifying businesses. She discussed the diverse range of these