May 28, 2024

"Payment Schedule"

June social security payment schedule confirmed

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has just confirmed that Social Security recipients can anticipate their June retirement payouts shortly. More specifically, payments are due to arrive on June 3rd for

"Global Stocks Surge"

Global stocks surge ahead of US holiday

Stocks around the globe experienced a significant surge as the United States geared up for its Memorial Day break. European and Asian markets showed major growth, along with oil prices.

Management Impact

Management issues impact retired teachers’ benefits

Troubles have emerged regarding the management of The State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). Retired teachers are reportedly disgruntled over decreases in their pension and healthcare benefits, claiming these changes were

Embedded System

Innovations in Embedded Software Development

Embedded computer systems have been around for a while since the release of the first microprocessor that started the small computer device revolution. Some of them, such as digital clocks