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Early Windows 8 Enterprise Application Development Experiences

Three business app developers share the ups and downs of the new OS.


Three enterprise application development shops recently talked to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley about their experiences writing apps for Windows 8. Sogeti, which builds apps for utility companies, has been using XAML and C# with Visual Studio 2012 to build apps that "embody the spirit of Metro, but aren't too flashy." Sogeti's Samidip Basu noted, "There is a learning curve with WinRT APIs, but Microsoft has helped us."

C-Labs Software has also expressed a preference for Silverlight/XAML over HTML and JavaScript. CEO and founder Chris Muench said it only took half a day to get the interface for an existing app working in Windows 8. "Silverlight is being downplayed by Microsoft evangelists and devs, but I still like it, even if they call it XAML," Muench said. "I think HTML and JavaScript is much less secure than with C#/XAML. And encryption is a nightmare with JavaScript."

By contrast, Laplink CEO Thomas Koll said his company hasn't been as happy about Windows 8. "Our app won't work with Metro. It needs access to everything on a PC," Koll explained. However, he did note that his company's application will still work with Windows 8's traditional interface.

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