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Go, Big Data Languages Becoming More Popular, Says IEEE

The IEEE chart says C is more popular than Java or JavaScript.


The technology industry group IEEE has released its annual ranking of programming languages. "The 2016 Top Programming Languages" report analyzes twelve different metrics, and unlike many other programming language popularity charts, the IEEE allows users to choose how the metrics are weighed to create their own lists, as well as to view the IEEE's default ranking.

Participating data journalist and academic Nicholas Diakopoulos noted that many of the languages rising on the chart are related to big data. "The biggest mover in this category was Go, an open source language created by Google to help solve the company's issues with scaling systems and concurrent programming back in 2007," he said. "In the default Spectrum ranking, it's moved up 10 positions since 2014 to settle into 10th place this year."

The top ten languages on the list were C, Java, Python, C++, R, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Go, in that order.

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