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Linux Foundation Establishes R Consortium

Google, Microsoft and Oracle are all supporters of the new organization.


The Linux Foundation has set up a new organization dedicated to the advancement of the R programming language. Called the R Consortium, the group will be governed by a steering committee and a board of directors. Some of its initial projects will likely include strengthening the R-Forge infrastructure, developing documentation and encouraging more communication and collaboration within the community.

“Millions of data scientists and academic researchers use R language every day and want to collaborate with their peers to share visualization and analysis techniques,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. “The R Consortium will promote the sharing of ideas and accelerating findings that make R even better for business, research and academic purposes.”

Several companies, including Alteryx, Google, Ketchum Trading, Mango Solutions, Microsoft, Oracle, RStudio and TIBCO Software, have signed up to sponsor the consortium.

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