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Mixed Reviews for iOS 7

Developers had mixed opinions on the new mobile OS and on the first day of Apple's WWDC event.


On the first day of its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple showed off iOS 7, the latest version of its mobile operating system. The OS has a new look and feel, which has received both praise and criticism. The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky panned the design as “more childish than elegant.” But GigaOm’s Kevin Tofel says Apple “elegantly puts it all together” while borrowing ideas from other mobile platforms.

Response to the conference itself was also mixed. Developer Mio Nilsson raved, "This was huge! I think it was huge, really." But many agreed with an attendee named Kris, who said, “I was still kind of hoping for a little more, was hoping for a ‘one last thing,’ but nothing ever came through, so. … I mean I’m sure we’re going to see new iPhones and iPads, they’re going to have their own events, but because I’m here, I would have liked to see them here.”

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