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Report: Amazon's Cloud Business Is Doubling Every Two Years

AWS is one of the fastest growing businesses in technology history.


No one knows exactly how much Amazon makes from its cloud computing services because the company doesn't break out the numbers on its financial reports. However, Pacific Crest Securities is estimating that Amazon Web Services will have $5 billion in revenue this year, and $6.7 billion for 2015. The firm believes AWS is roughly doubling its sales every two years, which makes it one of the fastest-growing software companies in history.

Developers say they prefer Amazon's cloud because it's the fastest way to "get stuff done." That tracks with a Forrester survey in which developers cited "fastest way for me to get done" as the number one reason why they selected their cloud computing vendor.

However, it's no longer just developers that are using AWS. According to Pacific Crest analyst Brent Bracelin, "2014 is shaping up to be a turning point for cloud adoption in the enterprise, moving beyond new application test and development to more critical workloads."

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