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Salesforce Launches Wearables Project

The company has a new mobile development platform called Salesforce Wear.


Salesforce has unveiled Salesforce Wear, a new set of tools designed to make it easier for enterprise application development teams create apps for wearable devices. It includes open source reference apps and code that developers can use as a model for creating their own apps for the Samsung Gear 2, Google Glass, the Pebble smartwatch and a few other devices.

Daniel Debow, Salesforce.com senior VP of emerging technologies, noted that current wearables "all have different form factors, different screens, and different processing power. Some require a connection with a smartphone, some don't." He said that Salesforce Wear can "take care of some of the plumbing and make it easier for developers to design, build, and deploy secure business apps and connect wearable devices to the Salesforce.com platform. We give people starter code that they can modify and use for themselves."

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