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SAP Testing Enterprise Apple Watch Apps

Despite the small screen size, some developers are finding ways for people to do real work on the Apple Watch.


Now that Apple has opened up the Apple Watch to third party developers, some enterprise software developers, including SAP, are getting in on the action. SAP has beta trials underway for twelve apps that allow users to perform some tasks related to SAP's core enterprise software. The apps currently being tested include a messaging app called SAP Wire, a presentation controller called SAP Mobile Documents, a news reader called SAP News and a health app called Connected Health. Other apps allow users to accept or reject workflows or deals in process or to view the time at their various corporate offices.

"At end of the day, we want to allow customers to use our software on whatever devices they want to use it on," said Rick Costanzo, general manager of global mobility products and strategy at SAP. "I think this space is going to evolve very quickly."

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