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Survey: 77% of People Think Wearables Will Make Employees More Productive

Will wearables become the primary focus of enterprise mobile development teams?


A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) finds that enterprise workers expect wearable technology to become commonplace their workplaces. Among those surveyed, 70 percent said they expected their organizations to permit the use of wearables at work, and 77 percent said one of the key benefits of wearables is the possibility of making staff more efficient and productive.

The survey found that the biggest concerns related to wearables included vulnerability to security breaches (86 percent), invasions of privacy (82 percent), the inability to relate to other humans (72 percent) and an over-dependence on technology (68 percent). In addition, 37 percent of those surveyed said that wearables make everyone look ridiculous.

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