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computer development testers

5 Components Included in the Workflow of Testers

Computer program development is a complicated process that involves crucial steps, particularly software testing. It covers understanding the various components of the process, allowing you to make informed decisions throughout the development phase, which is why the workflow of testers is important. The life cycle of a software development project

digital signature or esignature

Understanding the Difference Between Digital Signatures and E-Signatures

With the increased need to do business online and virtually, the need for secure ways to share and collaborate on documents is more important than ever. Likewise, doing business often requires written statements of work or contracts that require legal signatures. This post explores tools for legally signing documents online.

SaaS companies

Where to Incorporate Your Startup a Software as a Service Company

Even within the technology sector, Software as a Service (SaaS) companies have a greater propensity to be more easily movable than conventional firms. They are more suited to serving multinational client bases, in contrast to more regionally focused technology companies, which may need a growth plan that is tailored to

how to automate tasks

How to Automate? 6 Principles that Guide AI and Automation

The use of automation has increased since the outbreak of the Pandemic. Before covid businesses were moving from digital to automated strategies. New covid-19 strains can cause disruption companies are increasing their investments in higher automation to smooth out the bumps recognized. Artificial intelligence is referred to as artificial intelligence

dedicated server

A Dedicated Server: Everything That You Need to Understand

A dedicated server is hosting in which the client receives a separate physical machine for hosting websites, databases, and other information belonging to the person renting it. In this article, you will understand what a dedicated server is, the meaning of a dedicated server, and if you need a dedicated

ethical hacking

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hacking is the process of executing duplicative actions and strategies of malicious attacks for some technology to figure out the weaknesses of that technology & software. Today’s world is dependent on technology. And with the advent of technology, several technology-based organizations have developed within this period. And as such,


Beware: WhatsApp Messages Can Install Malware on Your PC

With cybercriminal activity on the rise, more and more platforms and devices are falling victim to digital malware. WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform, has recently been targeted by powerful malware intended to steal sensitive information from its users. Having approximately 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger

tech consultant

Top 5 B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies for 2023

In recent years, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sector has experienced exponential growth as more and more companies choose cloud-based solutions. Any SaaS company hoping to stay ahead of the curve in this quickly changing industry needs to invest in effective marketing. So selecting the best marketing agency can mean the difference

technology leadership

Why the World Needs More Technology Leadership

As a fact, technology has touched every single aspect of our lives. And there are some technology giants in today’s world which have been frequently opined to have a strong influence on recent overall technological influence. Moreover, those tech giants have popular technology leaders leading the companies toward achieving greatness.

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