Jordan Williams

Battery Myths

Busting Smartphone Battery Myths

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and their usage frequently revolves around battery life and charging habits. Unfortunately, misconceptions about these topics persist, often leading to

Revolutionized EV Race

Japan’s Race to Revolutionize Electric Vehicles

Japan is progressing in the creation of solid-state batteries for electric vehicles, aiming to outperform existing lithium-ion technology by offering longer battery life and quicker charging durations. Such progress is

AI Weapons Race

Racing Toward AI-Powered Autonomous Weapons

Developing autonomous weapons The Pentagon is making progress in creating artificial intelligence (AI)-powered weapons that can autonomously make life-or-death decisions regarding human targets. The US, China, and Israel are among

Battery Fire Surge

Rapid Battery Fire Surge Alarms NYC

Brooklyn apartment fire: lithium-ion battery to blame A fire in a Brooklyn apartment on Tuesday night has been attributed to a lithium-ion battery, marking the third such incident within 48

Thrilling Luxury

Thrilling Surge in Luxury EV Sales

Overview of EV Sales in Q3 2023 A recent examination of U.S. all-electric vehicle (EV) sales in the third quarter of 2023 highlights the progress made by automakers in their

Hidden Gems

Unearth Hidden Gems This Black Friday

Discovering Affordable Treasures on Black Friday While expensive items tend to grab the spotlight during the Black Friday frenzy, it’s essential to remember that numerous fantastic bargains under $100 are

EV Market

Electric Vehicles Face Market Hurdles

Market challenges for the electric vehicle industry The growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market is being hindered by high interest rates, leading to the dissolution of a GM-Honda partnership