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The Small Business & Data Analytics: What You Need to Know

The Small Business & Data Analytics: What You Need to Know

The objective of any business is to afford its community a product and create extra money for the services provided. Ideally, this always goes as planned, but at times when it doesn’t, having an extra eye on the data analytics of your small business may make a significant difference. Metrics

enterprise software messaging

 5 Great Examples of Enterprise Software

Business software is a digital application, generally taking the form of a service that aids in the function of a business throughout its many stops and individuals through the pipeline. These types of software can function predominantly with organizations such as or aid in communication like Microsoft Teams or

why startups succeed

The Top Reasons Why Startups Succeed

Everyone hears the stories. Apple was started in a garage. Musk slept in a rented office space while he was creating PayPal with his brother. Facebook was coded by a college student. But what are the underlying common ingredients? What makes a startup able to go the distance? Things have to

small business security systems

Why Small Businesses Must Invest In Security Systems

In a word: margins. The common small business faces an average robbery of at least once a year. Startling right? Even more startling is that over 75% of employees have stolen from an employer. Sadly as believable a statistic as it is. The sad part about this is that many

tech consultant salary

Tech Consultant Salary and Job Description

What is a tech consultant and what is a tech consultant salary look like? Let’s dive into both of these. A tech consultant is an individual who leverages their knowledge of technology within a given industry to find work advising and implementing business strategies for organizations looking to institute new