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"Computer Science Icon"

Computer Science Icon Niklaus Wirth Passes Away

The world of computer science mourns the loss of Swiss software architect, Niklaus Wirth, who passed away recently due to a heart condition at the age of 89. Recognized as

"Benefits Boost"

Potential Boost in SSA Benefits for Eligible Retirees

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced a potential boost in benefits for retirees, including payouts of $2,000 or $4,800 if they apply using their own and their spouse’s, survivor’s,

Pressure Washing

How To Start A Power Washing Business In 9 Easy Steps

Are you considering starting your own power washing business? Power washing, also known as pressure washing, offers a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs in various communities. Not only is there a

Startup Buying

Startup Investing For Beginners (2024)

Investing in startups can be an exciting and potentially lucrative venture. However, it’s important to understand the risks and rewards associated with this type of investment before diving in. In

"Reinstated Pension"

IBM Reinstates DB Pension, Halts 401(k) Contributions

IBM has revealed a major shakeup of its retirement benefits with the reinnstatement of the Defined Benefit (DB) pension program and suspension of contributions to 401(k) accounts. This represents a

"Soaring Nvidia Stocks"

Nvidia Stocks Soar Following Impressive AI Earnings

Shares of Nvidia Corporation soared 14% in premarket trading following an earnings boost from its AI operations. The Silicon Valley tech firm’s impressive third quarter earnings exceeded expectations, attributing success

Oil Price Surge

Crude Oil Prices Surge Amidst Market Imbalances

Crude oil prices are currently on the rise, largely due to imbalances in supply and demand, fuelled by geopolitical tensions. This surge predicts increased sales and bullish activity, meaning companies

Jewelry Sales

Here’s How To Start A Permanent Jewelry Business

Are you intrigued by the idea of starting your own permanent jewelry business? With the rise of social media and the increasing demand for meaningful and personalized jewelry, now is

"CEO Mendler"

Bridgit Mendler Becomes CEO of Northwood Space

Bridgit Mendler, known for her Disney Channel acting career, is now the CEO of Northwood Space, a California-based space enterprise that manufactures ground stations for orbital satellite communication. Mendler’s team

Venture Cryptocurrency Downtrend

Venture Firm Backs EigenLayer Amid Cryptocurrency Downtrend

Blockchain firm EigenLayer has successfully secured impressive investment from a significant venture firm. This successful funding round not just reflects the investor’s endorsement of EigenLayer’s trailblazing services in the progressive

Economic Downturn Threat

German SMEs Fear Economic Downturn Threatens Industries

Concerns are growing amongst Germany’s small and medium-sized businesses over the nation’s declining economic prospects. An economic downturn on the horizon could see the country losing its competitive edge by

Accounting Business

How To Start A Bookkeeping Business (For Beginners)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to start a bookkeeping business. If you have a passion for numbers and helping businesses manage their finances, starting a bookkeeping business can

"Digital Business Success"

Digital Shifts Redefine Business Success Criteria

The entrepreneurial scene is changing, favoring companies with reduced operating costs. High-income skills, digital tools, and flexible work models thus play a critical part in economic growth. Correspondingly, the adoption