5G Coverage

UK’s 5G Coverage Progress: Room for Improvement

The most recent Connected Nations report by the UK regulator Ofcom shows that 5G landmass coverage provided by individual mobile network operators (MNOs) is progressing, but overall it is still

Flushing 5G Debate

Flushing Residents Debate 5G Tower Construction

Debate has erupted among residents of Flushing Township regarding the possible construction of a 5G cell tower in their community. Some individuals worry about the tower’s safety and any long-term

5G Cybersecurity Insights

5G Networking and Cybersecurity: 2024 Insights

As we enter 2024, it’s an ideal moment to reevaluate previous forecasts for 5G networking and cybersecurity, while also offering insights for the year ahead. The rapid adoption of 5G

Slowest 5G Speeds

UK Struggles with Slowest 5G Speeds in G7

In 2023, the United Kingdom experienced the lowest 5G download speeds among G7 nations, prompting worries regarding the nation’s digital infrastructure quality. This alarming revelation led to urgent discussions among

5G Challenges

NEC Lowers 5G Revenue Expectations Amid Challenges

Japanese telecommunications giant NEC Corporation has significantly lowered its anticipated 5G revenue from markets outside Japan, emphasizing the difficulties faced by companies trying to compete with leading industry players such

Debate Switch Removal

Chinese Users Debate 5G Switch Removal

In recent weeks, an increasing number of Chinese 5G users have expressed dissatisfaction over the elimination of the “5G switch,” a function that previously allowed them to switch between 5G

5G Launch

1&1 Prepares for Upcoming 5G Launch

Launch of 5G service United Internet’s mobile subsidiary, 1&1, is preparing for the launch of its mobile 5G service on December 8, with just 100 operational antennas, according to a