AJAX Framework Roundup

An Open Source AJAX Comparison Matrix

pen source AJAX frameworks and toolkits have matured to the point where they can handle just about any rich Internet application development task. To provide a reference guide for how well they handle particular tasks, I developed a side-by-side comparison matrix of the most popular ones. I selected the open

Which AJAX Library Is Right for Me?

o you want to jump into the AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) development fray, but you don’t want to make the XMLHttpRequest calls directly by writing the XMLHttpRequest code yourself. Then you’ve no doubt noticed the new, freely available AJAX libraries that seem to appear every day and the plethora

Putting AJAX Frameworks to the Test

ot so long ago, developers had to work directly with the XMLHTTPRequest object or use some very rudimentary libraries to get any AJAX work done. When I wrote my first article about AJAX on DevX in June of 2005, the technology was still in its infancy. Today, at least a