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High-Performance Services with gRPC

Large-scale cloud native applications are often architected using tens, hundreds and even thousands of individual microservices. Public services typically expose a REST API to the outside world, but many microservices

PowerShell Goes Cross-Platform

PowerShell is a powerful and flexible shell and scripting language from Microsoft. It used to be restricted to Windows only, but a new cross-platform wind is blowing from Redmond. Microsoft

Architecting Stable Systems and Solid Code

Software is arguably the most complicated thing created by humans. The amount of moving parts is orders of magnitude more than any physical manufactured object. Software is also getting into

Understanding Anti-Patterns and Code Smells

While Design patterns are recurring solutions to problems often encountered in software applications, anti-patterns are exactly the opposite???these are recurring programming practices that create problems instead of solving them. These

Architectural Overview of Oracle ADF

Overview In modern application development, the framework plays an important role–without the support of a mature framework, rapid application development is quite impossible. Oracle has developed an innovative, mature and