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High-Performance Services with gRPC

Large-scale cloud native applications are often architected using tens, hundreds and even thousands of individual microservices. Public services typically expose a REST API to the outside world, but many microservices are used internally and talk to each other within the same network environment. While, it is possible to use REST

PowerShell Goes Cross-Platform

PowerShell is a powerful and flexible shell and scripting language from Microsoft. It used to be restricted to Windows only, but a new cross-platform wind is blowing from Redmond. Microsoft loves Linux, in fact, it joined the Linux foundation as a platinum member. Visual Studio runs on Mac and can

Architecting Stable Systems and Solid Code

Software is arguably the most complicated thing created by humans. The amount of moving parts is orders of magnitude more than any physical manufactured object. Software is also getting into more and more aspects of our life and the environment. In 2011 Mark Andreessen coined the phrase “Software is eating

Understanding Anti-Patterns and Code Smells

While Design patterns are recurring solutions to problems often encountered in software applications, anti-patterns are exactly the opposite???these are recurring programming practices that create problems instead of solving them. These evolve out of over engineering, wrong implementation of design patterns, not following the recommended practices, etc. I would like to

Differentiating Between Virtualization and Cloud Computing

There is often much confusion surrounding the terms ‘cloud computing’ and ‘virtualization’. Even though virtualization and cloud computing share a common bond of maximizing computing resources, there is a clear difference between the two concepts. Let’s begin with an introduction to virtualization and cloud computing in order to understand what

Architectural Overview of Oracle ADF

Overview In modern application development, the framework plays an important role–without the support of a mature framework, rapid application development is quite impossible. Oracle has developed an innovative, mature and stable Java EE development framework called Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). The ADF framework is part of Oracle’s award-winning JDeveloper

The Value of the PoC in Enterprise Architecture

Often times, Enterprise Architecture is very similar to the old story of the blind men and the elephant. The tale varies greatly in the telling, with the consistent part being that they all exam the elephant at the same time, yet each examines only part of the whole animal. When

Making Enterprise Architecture Work in Agile Environments

A recurrent topic in meeting rooms and discussion groups is “Can enterprise architecture work in an Agile Software Development environment?” The question is so often asked that even those architects and developers who have already found the answer through personal experience stop to think about it. They wonder if perhaps

Agile Software Development Concepts for Enterprise Architects

Agile software development and software architecture cam make strange bedfellows. In many instances, “Agilistas” (inflexible people who have adopted Agile methods to the exclusion of others) are loath to embrace the concept of architecture. And old school architects believe that Agile does not embrace rules. In fact neither viewpoint is

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