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The Rise of APIs — Lessons from the Cloudstock Conference

SAN FRANCISCO — Cloudstock: You might have seen the ads on our site for this cloud programming event. We did an advertising campaign on CodeGuru and several other sites. The result was a sold out show. Obviously, I’ll give CodeGuru credit for helping sell out the show. At Cloudstock, there

Java 7 and 8 Get the Green Light Over Apache Opposition

The technical specifications for both Java 7 and Java 8 have been passed by the Java Community Process (JCP) in an executive committee vote. The vote for both JSR-336 on Java 7 and JSR-337 on Java 8 was 12 in favor and three opposed. The new Java 7 and 8

4 Things You Need to Know About Designing a Database for the Cloud

If you thought running a database in the cloud was easy, think again. Databases in a cloud environment are inherently different from traditional installations in a datacenter or even in a familiar hosted environment. There are four key considerations every system architect should take into account when designing a database

The Pros and Cons of Developing for the Cloud

While more and more developers are using the cloud for development, not all of them know what they are getting into. Key issues to consider are: choosing which platform to use, bandwidth, standards, security concerns about data, and the integrity of data. When developers chose the cloud, they invariably choose

Managing Data in the Cloud

Crunching data or having access to vast amounts of data is crucial for many applications, particularly batch jobs which have the tendency and are suitable to run in cloud environments. We have the tendency to collect, and that is even more so when it comes to digital data. Digital data

Agile Requirements that Make Sense

For teams that are looking to agile to help improve their productivity, agile (which is not a methodology), has contained under its umbrella attractive methodologies to help teams improve their process.? One of the areas that can cause confusion and consternation is when your team defines requirements.? Let?s talk User

DevX Visitor Survey

I’d like to personally thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to answer our developer survey below. These questions will help us to better focus our content toward those people coming to the DevX site. There are several questions; however, most are multiple choice. Please scroll down to

A Recipe for Enterprise Agile: Mixing Scrum and Smart

To cut to the chase, those of you who have worked on enterprise or service oriented projects before already know this. These types of projects are characterized by a large number of organizational, functional and technically complicating factors. Enterprise software development projects are surrounded by a large number of complicating

Useful UML Modeling: Zeus, the First Software Analyst

According to Plato, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and two heads.? These were very powerful beings that eventually rebelled against the Greek gods.? The answer Zeus came up with was to split the humans in two, male and female, two arms, two legs, and one head

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