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Model-Driven Architecture with GMF

ay by day, Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is gaining more focus in many organizations. MDA stresses the benefits of modeling at various levels of abstraction and the integration and flow

WCF and MSMQ—Take a Message

he inherent advantages to introducing queues into an application architecture are well understood. Queues, when used properly, can: Increase application robustness, as clients can send messages even when services are

Reliable Sessions Made Simple with WCF

he ACME Toothpick Company recently implemented two transactional Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services to integrate their toothpick manufacturing and log inventory applications. A third application, the ACME Manufacturing Manager (AMM),

A Spoonful of Governance for SOA

“o you have a governance plan?” It’s not a question you want to hear while putting together a world changing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Governance is one of those words