Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Coding Helpers

AI Coding Helpers Accelerate Programming Education

Introduction to AI coding helpers AI coding helpers, such as Copilot, are transforming the way code is developed by offering programmers a powerful predictive instrument. By incorporating this technology into

AI Skills Bridge

Bridging AI Skills Gap in Software Development

Introduction to talent scarcity in software development The software development sector is on the verge of facing an unparalleled talent scarcity, primarily due to the swift progression and incorporation of

Misuse Security

AI Misuse Concerns: Strengthening Security Measures

AI exploitation concerns The increasing capabilities of modern artificial intelligence (AI) models have led to growing fears about the potential misuse of this technology. This development has caused alarm about

Predicted Abnormalities

AI Predicts Abnormalities in Fusion Reactors

Japan’s NTT and the ITER Organization have teamed up to use NTT’s Deep Anomaly Surveillance (DeAnoS), an AI tool originally made for telecom networks, to forecast nuclear fusion reactor anomalies.