Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cyber Challenge Unveiled

Win the Battle: AI Cyber Challenge Unveiled

The White House recently unveiled a two-year contest, providing almost $20 million in rewards for groups that can develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions aimed at safeguarding key American computer programming.

Harmony Transformation

AI-Powered Harmony: Transforming Workplace Conflicts

The average individual spends a significant portion of their life at work, frequently collaborating with colleagues. Consequently, it is no wonder that conflicts might emerge in such relationships. Many employees

PDFgear Discovery

PDFgear: Edit, Manage, and Collaborate with AI

In recent times, high-quality PDF editing tools have become increasingly costly, rendering them impractical for individuals who edit or sign a limited number of PDFs each year. As a result,

AI Ethical Code

G7 Unveils AI Code for Ethical Innovation

cThe G7 industrial nations are preparing to establish a code of conduct for corporations working on advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on Monday. This code aims to address the potential


What is Retrieval-Augmented Generation?

First Reported on: The artificial intelligence realm is currently abuzz with a novel method called retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), which allows AI models to temporarily access external data without experiencing