Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Productivity Boost Bots

AI Chatbots Boost Workplace Productivity

In recent years, AI chatbots have become increasingly prevalent in the workplace, especially among software developers. Eknoor Kaur, a software engineer at Pathlight, relies on ChatGPT daily to address programming-related

Displaced Employees

AI Technology Displaces Thousands of Employees

AI-induced job redundancy Recently, a parent company terminated over 1,000 employees due to progress in artificial intelligence (AI), raising questions about job redundancy. The dismissals occurred throughout several months, resulting

Biased Recruitment AI

Biased AI in Recruitment Raises Concerns

Fears are increasing regarding the possibility of prejudiced AI instruments utilized in recruitment processes, as disclosed in Hilke Schellmann’s latest book, “The Algorithm.” Schellmann, a renowned investigative journalist and professor

Supervising AI Systems

OpenAI Explores Supervising Powerful AI Systems

OpenAI has disclosed preliminary outcomes from its superalignment group, an internal initiative aimed at avoiding an uncontrollable hypothetical superintelligence – a highly sophisticated computer that surpasses human abilities. A recent

AI Job Risk

AI Advancements Risk 30,000 Google Jobs

Growing concerns surround the potential layoffs of up to 30,000 Google employees as the company’s advances in artificial intelligence (AI) may result in significant restructuring, particularly in the ad sales

Optimized Chatbot

Optimizing AI Chatbots with Prompt Engineering

AI chatbots have become an essential part of modern communication, helping users in various capacities. To fully optimize these interactions, the practice of prompt engineering has emerged as an invaluable

Concerns Threaten Trust

Generative AI Concerns Threaten Customer Trust

A recent study by compliance software company Vanta reveals increasing apprehension among business leaders that generative AI might undermine customer confidence. The State of Trust report examined the opinions of

Language Advancements

AI Advancements Enhance Language Understanding

Advancements in artificial intelligence and language models In 2023, significant advancements were made in the field of computer science, especially in the domain of artificial intelligence, with enhancements to existing