Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Lithium Innovation

AI-driven Battery Innovation Reduces Lithium Use

Scientists have partnered with Microsoft to employ artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a novel material for constructing batteries that require up to 70% less lithium compared to existing models. The

Future Generations

AI in Workforce: Preparing Future Generations

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a fundamental aspect of the contemporary business sphere, with studies indicating that around 30% of current jobs may be automated by 2030. Consequently, it

AI Cookware Deception

Pop Star AI Deception in Cookware Ad Exposed

A recent commercial showcasing a well-known pop star endorsing a Le Creuset cookware giveaway has been exposed as a deceptive ad that fooled fans by using an AI-generated image and

Medical AI Patients

Medical AI Struggles with New Patients

A recent investigation by Yale University researchers has discovered that medical AI systems face difficulties in precisely evaluating patients they have not previously encountered. The study, which centered on AI

President Challenges

AI President: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Challenges

As our world becomes increasingly complicated and intensely connected, the concept of an AI president, once solely found in science fiction, now appears attainable. Given the growing concerns about the

Paige Multi-Cancer

Paige Unveils AI Multi-Cancer Detection Tool

NEW YORK, January 08, 2024 – Paige, a worldwide leader in comprehensive digital pathology solutions and clinical AI applications, revealed today the launch of a pioneering product derived from Paige’s

Productivity Boost Bots

AI Chatbots Boost Workplace Productivity

In recent years, AI chatbots have become increasingly prevalent in the workplace, especially among software developers. Eknoor Kaur, a software engineer at Pathlight, relies on ChatGPT daily to address programming-related