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Convert Form Collection into a String

You can convert the entire Request.Form collection into a single string variable just by referencing the collection without specifying the key or index.The format of the string would look like as follows: KeyName1=KeyValue1&KeyName2=KeyValue2&…. Basically the string would contain all the name/value pairs where each name/value pair is separated from the

Put Connection String in Application Variable

When you build a database driven Web site, virtually all Web pages need to connect to your database. You can copy and paste the same code that opens an ADO connection on each page, but that becomes a nightmare to maintain when you need to move from a development environment

Netscape Authentication failure with IIS 4.0

Question: Hi, we have a secure server that has anonymous Web Access removed from the relevant directories. This works fine with Internet Explorer, but with Netscape it fails completely. Whatever username / password you enter from Netscape always gets rejected with: HTTP Error 401 401.3 Unauthorized: Unauthorized due to ACL

Days Left Until Specific Date

Using the Date functionality in JavaScript, you can post the number of days left until a certain date. Internally, JavaScript stores dates as the number of milliseconds from midnight (GMT) on January 1, 1970. If you subtract two Date objects, the result is the number of milliseconds between the two