Put Connection String in Application Variable

Put Connection String in Application Variable

When you build a database driven Web site, virtually all Web pages need to connect to your database. You can copy and paste the same code that opens an ADO connection on each page, but that becomes a nightmare to maintain when you need to move from a development environment to a production environment. To ease such situations, you can store the connection string in an ASP application variable during the on_start event (inside your global.asa file). This ensures that the connection string will be available to all your Web pages throughout the lifetime of the Web application. To change to your production database, simply change the connection string in one place, and all your Web pages will be updated. For example, you can put this code in your global.asa file:

 Sub Application_OnStart  Application("con") = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=pubs;User ID=sa "	End Sub

To open a database connection from each Web page, use this code:

 Dim conSet con = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") Application("con")


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