Industrial Subsidy Race

US Industrial Policy Spurs Global Subsidy Race

Most significant industrial policy effort in generations The US has recently launched the most significant industrial policy effort seen in generations, aimed at enhancing the domestic market for essential products

Workforce Reduction

Spotify Cuts Workforce to Strengthen Finances

Spotify announces workforce reduction Music streaming giant, Spotify, recently revealed its plans to cut 17% of its workforce in an effort to reduce costs. CEO Daniel Ek explained in a

Ecommerce Adoption

Consumers Are Embracing E-Commerce Boom

In recent times, the preference for online shopping has grown significantly as customers enjoy the ease of browsing and buying products from their own homes. Technological advancements and the expansion

Foreign Relations

US-China Trade War: Who’s Winning?

The August 2023 visit of Gina Raimondo, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, to China demonstrated the progress being made in dialogue between the two nations. However, the United States’ stance