Geoengineering Solutions

Unlocking Geoengineering’s Climate Change Solutions

Exploring atmospheric geoengineering As the world grapples with the increasing threat of climate change, atmospheric geoengineering has become a subject of intense debate. Scientists, policy makers, and environmental organizations are

Marine Geoengineering

Regulating Risky Marine Geoengineering Techniques

Both the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Center for International Environmental Law have praised a statement that states the intention to regulate four dangerous marine geoengineering technologies. Announcing their intention

Solar Radiation Management

Unlocking Solar Radiation Management Secrets

As the international community strives to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, the spotlight has shifted to the capabilities of atmospheric geoengineering in mitigating climate change. Solar radiation management (SRM) in

Climate Geoengineering

Experts Urge Halt on Climate Geoengineering Projects

First Reported on: A group of international experts has called for a temporary halt on endeavors to manipulate the Earth’s climate through geoengineering, citing the ongoing increase in greenhouse

Marine Cloud Brightening

Save the Earth by Brightening Clouds?

A recent study by the University of Victoria, Canada, suggests that cloud geoengineering, specifically marine cloud brightening (MCB), might play a crucial role in preventing significant climate tipping points. The

Urgent Geoengineering Moratorium

Urgent Global Moratorium on Climate Geoengineering

First Reported on: Call for a global moratorium on climate geoengineering A group of international experts has urged governments worldwide to enforce a global moratorium on climate geoengineering initiatives

Congress Debate

U.S. Congress, E.U. Approve Geoengineering?

The Growing Debate Over Geoengineering Research As politicians and entrepreneurs increasingly embrace the idea of geoengineering research to combat the impact of climate change, scientists are expressing concerns about the