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Recover Dropped Tables in DB2

lot of ugly things can happen in the early morning hours when you are frantically trying to meet a deadline. For example, your mind can falter for a split second and you might accidentally drop an IBM DB2 Universal Database table. Before your stomach starts twisting in knots and you

Build a Web-safe Color Palette Application

ometimes, deciding on a color scheme for a site is more of a problem than is implementing it. I’ve sat on committees intended to design Web sites by consensus and I can tell you from experience: Getting more than two people to settle on a color scheme is no easy

Use JVM Shutdown Hooks to Optimize Resources

ave you ever found yourself in the following scenario: You’ve created server-side Java applications for a production environment.You write a program that allocates external resources: connections to a database using JDBC.A user prematurely terminates the program (by typing control-C, for example).The external database server eventually needs to be restarted because

Installing an RMI Security Manager

hen you write distributed programs with RMI, you want to restrict theactions performed by remotely loaded classes. Otherwise, you mayinadvertently allow unsecure code to access private systemresources. You can secure your program by installing a securitymanager. By default, an RMI program does not have a security managerinstalled, and no restrictions

Streamline Your Bulk I/O Operations with Stream Iterators

Bulk I/O is a strenuous operation in terms of performance and resource allocation. For example, say you need to debug a container and wish to dump its content to cout as well as to a file. You’ll need to hardcode every such operation, writing ad-hoc code that serves for very

WinInet API Programming

isual Basic applications are becoming more connected, and developers are trying to Web-enable their applications by supporting HTTP or FTP. Often this requires using the Microsoft Internet Transfer control or a third party control, but all of the functionality can be achieved through the use of the WinInet API without

Simplify Callback Dispatching with Enumerated Indexes

Callbacks, either in the form of function pointers or pointers to members, offer a significant advantage over direct function calls: the caller doesn’t have to know a function’s name (nor its object’s name, if it’s a member function) in order to invoke it. Alas, this anonymity is a fertile source

Expand Your VB6 Printing Repertoire—Part II

n last month’s 10 Minute Solution you explored the basics of printing with VB6. This month’s solution continues that exploration by presenting basic code for printing and previewing text. In the process you’ll build the PrintText project, which is a very simple text editor with print and preview capabilities. Although

Get Your Stored Procedures Ready for Anything

ermissions are restricted in most environments. Even in development environments, only members of the sysadmin and serveradmin fixed server roles can execute the sp_sdidebug and sp_addmessage extended procedures to grant use of SQL Server’s debugger and custom error messages, leaving the developer to their own devices for error handling during

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