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Eclipse MAT – Incoming References, Outgoing References

Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT) is a powerful tool for heap dump analysis. It has several great features to debug memory problems effectively. ‘Incoming references’ and ‘outgoing references’ is one such feature. In this article, let’s discuss ‘incoming references’, ‘outgoing references’ and difference between them. In Eclipse MAT, when you right-click

Best Practices for Multithreading in Java

A thread is a path of execution within a process. Multithreading is the ability to improve the overall throughput of an application by providing a way to execute many threads simultaneously. This article presents a discussion on the best practices that should be adopted when working with multi-threading in enterprise

Implementing the Singleton Design Pattern in Java

The Singleton design pattern is one of the most popular design patterns in use. The Singleton design pattern is one of the Gang of Four’s (GOF) design patterns and belongs to the Creational Design Pattern category. This article presents a discussion on the Singleton design pattern, its benefits and how

Working with Files and I/O in Java

The java.nio package contains the types required to perform input output operations in Java. The introduction of the java.nio package has simplified input — output operations. This article presents a discussion on how to perform input — output operations in Java with special focus on the java.nio package. When you work with files for

Working with Abstract Classes and Interfaces in Java

There are three important constructs in Java???concrete classes, abstract classes and interfaces. An abstract class is a special type of a class that is marked with the abstract keyword to indicate that the class cannot be instantiated but can be inherited if need be. An interface is actually a purely

Explore Polymorphism in Java

Polymorphism is the existence of the same thing in various forms. It is a feature of OOP that enables items to change form based on circumstances. The term polymorphism is derived from two Greek words, namely, “poly” and “morphos.” While the term “poly” means many, and “morphos” which implies forms.

The Evolution of Java Development

There has been a lot of talk lately about Java’s decline. In this article, I’ll clarify and sort things out. Java has been through some turmoil, such as the stewardship transfer from Sun to Oracle, the JCP process concerns and serious security issues. The recent concerns are mostly about Java

Functional Features in Java 8

Short History of Java Java originated in 1995 and it was the language of the Internet and provided some unheard of capabilities in mainstream static typed languages, such as garbage collection, cross-platform out of the box (Write Once Run Anywhere), automatic documentation and the ability to run inside the browser

Book Excerpt: Continuous Enterprise Development in Java

Learn a use-case approach for developing Java enterprise applications in a continuously test-driven fashion. With this hands-on guide, authors and JBoss project leaders Andrew Lee Rubinger and Aslak Knutsen show you how to build high-level components, from persistent storage to the user interface, using the Arquillian testing platform and several

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