Math Processing

CComplexNumber – A class for dealing with complex numbers

Option Explicit’——————————————‘ A class for dealing with complex numbers’——————————————‘ The main propertiesPublic Real As DoublePublic Imaginary As Double’ Initialize this complex number’ (returns Me)Function Init(Real As Double, Imaginary As Double) As CComplexNumber Me.Real = Real Me.Imaginary = Imaginary Set Init = MeEnd Function’ Returns another complex number with given’ real

Send Emails From an Oracle Stored Procedure

The following code is for those who need to receive e-mails from the database to report a correct ending backup, a corrupted backup, a database fail, or any message database/admin related.The code is based on the UTL_SMTP package supplied in Oracle8i V8.1.6 (release 2).First step: Installing necessary JAVA classes, they