Send Emails From an Oracle Stored Procedure

Send Emails From an Oracle Stored Procedure

The following code is for those who need to receive e-mails from the database to report a correct ending backup, a corrupted backup, a database fail, or any message database/admin related.
The code is based on the UTL_SMTP package supplied in Oracle8i V8.1.6 (release 2).

First step:

Installing necessary JAVA classes, they are installed with the typical installation but if you chose custom, perform the following commands:

 	Connect as SYS User. Run %ORACLE_HOME/javavm/plsql/jlib/initjvm.sql Run %ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/java/install/initplsj.sql 

Second Step:

Write the following PL/SQL Code:

   CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE send_mail  (  sender     IN VARCHAR2,   recipient  IN VARCHAR2,   subject    IN VARCHAR2,   message    IN VARCHAR2)       IS   mailhost     VARCHAR2(30) := 'YOUR.SMTP.SERVER';   mail_conn    utl_smtp.connection;      crlf VARCHAR2( 2 ):= CHR( 13 ) || CHR( 10 );   mesg VARCHAR2( 1000 );		           BEGIN		 		  mail_conn := utl_smtp.open_connection(mailhost, 25); 	          mesg:= 'Date: ' || TO_CHAR( SYSDATE, 'dd Mon yy hh24:mi:ss' ) || crlf ||	         'From:  <'||sender||'>' || crlf ||        	 'Subject: '||subject || crlf ||	         'To: '||recipient || crlf ||        	 '' || crlf || message;		  utl_smtp.helo(mail_conn, mailhost);		  utl_smtp.mail(mail_conn, sender);		  utl_smtp.rcpt(mail_conn, recipient);, mesg);		  utl_smtp.quit(mail_conn);				END;

And ready to use, try it from sqlplus:

 begin send_mail('sender e-mail','dest e-mail','here goes subject','here goes message');end;/


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