Bold Request

Clean Energy’s Bold Request: High Electricity Charges

Clean energy firms have approached regulators with requests to allow higher electricity charges than previously agreed upon. The decision could significantly impact both the political and economic aspects of state-level

Unleashed Future-Proof

Future-Proof Software Development

As we embrace the era of artificial intelligence (AI), software development organizations must continually explore methods to increase developer speed and enhance release frequencies. Dori Exterman, Incredibuild’s chief evangelist, stresses

Vietnam Tech Revolution

US-Vietnam Tech Partnerships Are Growing

The US and Vietnam have revealed a series of major agreements in the semiconductor and artificial intelligence (AI) sectors during the official visit of Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc to

Chip Factory Boost

Billion-Dollar Chip Factory Boosts Singapore

GlobalFoundries, a U.S-based company, has unveiled its ambitious plans to construct a $4 billion expansion of its semiconductor fabrication facility in Singapore. This move is aimed at addressing the surging

Clean Energy Wave

2 Trillion Dollar Industry…

The shift towards clean energy is anticipated to surpass $2 trillion, driven by corporate commitments to decarbonization and government funding, as stated by UBS analyst Shneur Gershuni. This monumental push