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Python 3.6 May be the Tipping Point

Python is a major programming language, eco-system and community. It is influential in numerous domains: scientific computing, Web applications, DevOps, education. It is being used extensively by prominent companies and by hobbyists. But, the Python 2/Python 3 dichotomy caused a lot of frustration for large swaths of the community. I

Programming Basics: The Function Signature

The basic unit of programming is the function. You build your program one function (or method) at a time. The smallest thing you can test in a unit test is a function. A function is also the smallest piece of code you can name and hence create a new abstraction.

Explore Advanced Vagrant Features

In First Steps with Vagrant, you learned how to install Vagrant, set up and run a basic virtual machine. Now, we will cover a few more complex features, such as synced folders, provisioning scripts and running multiple virtual machines at the same time. Synced Folders Synced folders allow us to

How the GPL Lost the Open Source Battle

In this article I’ll cover the history of software from a social and legal perspective. It is an amazing story that is still unfolding today. You will learn about software licenses, the difference between open source and free software, the checkered history of the Gnu Public License (GPL), the fantastic

Top 10 Git Commands for Efficient Team Development

As projects become more complex and involve a greater number of people, the importance of using version control software during development is increasing exponentially. That is why I have compiled a list of 10 advanced git commands that will enable you to code and collaborate efficiently. 1. Git Auto Complete

Improve Python Performance with Cython

Python is my favorite language. It is simple, readable, flexible, supports many programming paradigms, has an awesome standard library, tons of third-party packages and a great community. But, it is also slow and a memory hog. I use Python for many tasks: writing little scripts to make me more productive

10 Steps to Becoming an Open Source Contributor

In my previous article, “Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Contribute to Open Source Projects“, I listed the why?of open source. In this article I’ll explain the how. Many developers shy away from open source for various reasons, such as lack of time, fear of putting in public poor craftsmanship

Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Contribute to Open Source Projects

The open source movement is important and your company really should be part of it. This is true for altruistic concerns, as well as business reasons. There are two primary ways you can contribute to open source???by contributing to existing open source project and by open sourcing some of your

Composer: Dependency Manager for PHP

A few years ago, installing PHP libraries was a nightmare. The first issue was that you either found framework agnostic code, or you found just plain old classes all bound together by a bunch of includes and requires. The next issue was that it wasn’t always straightforward to get these

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