Tech Giants Security Patch

Tech Giants Team Up To Protect Consumers

As August came to an end, technology giants Microsoft, Google Chrome, and Firefox provided several patches to address severe security weaknesses, some of which were being used in real-world assaults.

Malware Triumph

Qakbot Finally Ended

Recently, federal authorities reported the disruption of the Qakbot malware infrastructure, which has significantly affected businesses worldwide, including a Southern California food distribution firm. The Qakbot malware network has wreaked

Security Boost

Unlock App Security: Boost Developer Portals

Over the past few years, securing applications (AppSec) has emerged as a critical concern for organizations seeking to protect their digital assets from cyber threats. This has led to an

XDR solutions

The Benefits of Using XDR Solutions

Cybercriminals constantly adapt their strategies, developing newer, more powerful, and intelligent ways to attack your network. Since security professionals must innovate as well, more conventional endpoint detection solutions have evolved