smart homes

Speaker Intelligence

Smart Home Speaker Intelligence Stagnates

Once considered as the pinnacle of advanced technology, smart home speakers like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have observed a stagnation in their intelligence over recent years, revealing their limitations.

Privacy Enhancement

Offline Smart Home Enhances Privacy, Affordability

Calvin Wankhede, a person who harbors an early dislike for always-online products, has successfully constructed a completely offline smart home without depending on third-party servers. Wankhede’s reasons for developing an

Qi Capturing Devices

Capturing Qi: Smart Devices Enhance Home Energy

Graduate designer Yoojin Chung has taken the ancient wisdom of feng shui and combined it with cutting-edge technology to create a trio of smart-home devices that aim to enhance positive

Smart Safety

Smart Homes Enhance Convenience and Safety

In recent times, smart homes have emerged as a means of enhancing convenience, savings, comfort, and safety for property owners. These connected spaces utilize technology and automation to simplify daily

Motion Lighting

Motion-Activated Lighting Enhances Home Safety

A straightforward and efficient smart home trick using motion sensors and intelligent lights can offer significant advantages to homeowners, enhancing comfort and effectiveness in their everyday activities. Motion-activated hallway lighting

Matter Struggles

Matter Struggles in Smart Home Sector

In 2023, the smart home sector eagerly awaited the emergence of Matter, a new standard supported by major corporations such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Ikea, and Philips Hue. The